Don't let your bike go to waste!

Protect your electric bike against theft. With the Tracefy GPS tracker, you can receive an alert when your bike is moved and locate it in real time.

You have invested in a quality electric bicycle, so it is important to protect it against theft.

   🔐 Secure against theft

   🗺 View your routes

   🧭 Locate your bike if it is lost

   ⚙️ Maintenance notification

   🤩 Discount on your insurance

The Tracefy GPS tracker is a small box that can be invisibly integrated into almost any electric bike. It contains various sensors such as GPS, WiFi, shock sensor and Bluetooth for optimal location determination. As the tracker must be installed with care, this should always be done by a bike store.

Don't wait any longer to protect your electric bike. Go to your favorite store to install the tracker.

You will have more peace of mind!

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