Bike insurance

In a few clicks, insure your new or used bike against theft, breakdowns and damage. Morning Cycles will accompany you in all circumstances.

Our partner ENRA

Whether your bike is brand new or already in your possession, protect it against theft and breakage. Give it the best coverage on the market for a price that suits you. Get an insurance online with our partner ENRA. A bicycle is freedom!

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The advantages of a bicycle insurance at Morning Cycles

📉 No degression. In case of theft, ENRA replaces your bike with a bike of your choice and of the same value, even after several years without deductible. In case of damage or total loss, with a 35 € deductible, Morning Cycles will restore your bike to perfect condition.

🗣 Direct contact. No time-consuming online or phone calls. Morning Cycles handles everything from theft to repairable damage, to a total wreckage.  

€ Clear and transparent rates. In just a few clicks, ENRA makes you an offer. You can insure the bike alone or also protect its accessories. The choice is yours.

🤝 Mutual trust, a solid guarantee. Over the past five years, we've covered more than 1,000 bikes and covered dozens of claims. Experience has shown us: ENRA is a reliable partner who won't let you down. What's your role? To respect these three conditions:

  • Provide yourself with an approved padlock ART 2
  • Secure your bike in all circumstances
  • Report the theft or vandalism to the police (e.g. via Police-on-web)

A choice adapted to your needs. ENRA offers you three solutions:

  1. 100% theft coverage only.
  2. Omnium cover, which, in addition to theft, protects you against all damage, including that caused by your own accident. Plus 24/7 breakdown assistance throughout Europe.
  3. E-Bike "Connected" cover which, in addition to the above guarantees and for a more attractive price, guarantees the recovery of your bike after theft thanks to the intervention of a specialized security company. This cover requires us to install a certified GPS tracker in your bike's engine. 90% of bikes are returned within 48 hours!

Take advantage of it now

  1. Subscribe to the formula of your choice with the module below
  2. Receive your personalized offer by email. Your bike is insured from then on
  3. Within two weeks, pay the ENRA invoice by bank transfer, or by secure online payment
  4. Always attach your bike, and ride anywhere with complete freedom.

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⚠️ ENRA is the best bicycle insurance in Europe. However, their administration is only in Dutch. That's why the Morning Cycles team can help you find the ENRA cover that's right for you. Need more help? Give us a call?