General terms and conditions of sale

The present conditions of sale are brought to the attention of the buyer via the website of Morning Cycles.

This version is updated to 01/01/2023.

General information & contact details of the company

Morning Cycles PLC's objective is to develop the practice of cycling for mobility and well-being, both from a utilitarian and a leisure perspective, for individuals as well as for public and private companies. 

Morning Cycles sells bicycles and accessories and offers services to cyclists and companies. Morning Cycles also organizes meetings and sporting and cultural events related to cycling. Morning Cycles also carries out technical consultancy missions and organizes training courses.

Founded in October 2018, Morning Cycles is administered by Jean-Philippe Gerkens, François de Gaultier, François Moens and Baptiste Buxant.

Its head office is located at 79 avenue Charbo, 1030 Schaerbeek.

Morning Cycles has four operating units:

  • rue le Titien 2, 1000 Brussels
  • avenue des Arts 12, 1000 Brussels
  • rue des Brasseurs 100, 5000 Namur
  • rue des Sports 1, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

E-mail address for all contacts, including customer service:
Telephone number: +32 2 721 30 07
Company number: BE 0712.592.088

General conditions applicable to the purchase of our products

The present conditions define the contractual relations between the individual or professional customer - you - and Morning Cycles - us.

We offer our products and services in store or at your home. We also answer your questions by phone or e-mail. 

There are no online sales.

Conditions applicable to the sale of bicycles

Attention: due to supply difficulties, in an international context of very high demand, the bicycle market is currently unstable and tense. Therefore, to our regret, we are not able to guarantee the delivery time or the selling price of the ordered bikes and accessories.
The following rule applies to all orders:
We always apply the manufacturer's recommended retail price on the date of delivery. When placing an order, if the manufacturer's recommended price increases between the order date and the delivery date, you unconditionally accept an increase of up to 10% of the advertised price. If the increase in the recommended price exceeds 10% between the time of your order and delivery, you may either accept the new price or withdraw your order without compensation.

Ordering and selling

When you order a bike, we ask you to pay a deposit. The amount of the deposit is specified on the order form that you receive. It usually corresponds to 50% of the selling price. By paying the deposit, your order becomes firm and cannot be withdrawn. 

The order form contains the following information

  • the model of the bike and its size
  • its main specifications (color, transmission, engine)
  • the selected accessories
  • the selling price
  • estimated delivery time

Delivery time

A delay of three months after order is considered normal, a delay of six months is frequent. The delivery time stated on the order form is strictly indicative and corresponds to the information given to us by the supplier.

We will inform you regularly about possible changes in the delivery time.

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise on the order form, you may cancel without charge any orders that have not been executed within 6 months after payment of the deposit. In this case, we will refund your deposit in full. This clause is only valid for standard bicycles, excluding bicycles made especially for you.

No compensation is due if the delivery time is exceeded.

Selling price

The agreed price is shown on the order form.

It may be raised due external reasons beyond our control. Indeed, we strictly apply the official prices recommended by the manufacturers. When these prices increase, we pass on this increase in the selling price regardless of the price set at the time of order.

An increase of 10% of the final price does not lead to the cancellation of your order. If an increase of more than 10% occurs, you can choose to withdraw your order without any costs.

In no case can we be held responsible for these price variations linked to the bicycle market. The reference prices are those that the manufacturer mentions on his website at the time of delivery.


A two-year legal warranty of conformity applies to all new bikes we sell. This warranty is one year on used bikes, parts or accessories. 

This legal warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear such as brake pads, tires, chain, cassette and cable. Any warranty is void in case of misuse, negligence or lack of maintenance on your part as well as in case of normal wear and tear or accident. Likewise, technical intervention on the bicycle by an unqualified person as well as improper modifications to the bicycle may compromise the warranty.

Upon request, we will send you the instruction manual for the bike or a link to access it. 

In addition to this legal warranty, some manufacturers grant more extensive warranties, especially on frames. These extended warranties are specified either on the manufacturer's website or on the invoice we send you. In the absence of such a mention, it is the legal guarantee of common law which applies. The product under warranty will be, at the choice of the manufacturer, exchanged or repaired. 

In other cases, you can take out an additional warranty extension yourself by registering your bike on the manufacturer's website. You will be informed of this option in the store at the time of purchase, but it is up to you do take these steps.

You are required to report any defects to us immediately and to refrain from any use that might aggravate the defect or endanger your safety or the safety of others. 

Liability for property damage and bodily injury related to the use of the bicycle

The bikes we offer are carefully assembled by qualified technicians. They are perfectly adapted to the use for which they are specifically designed. However, it is up to you to conform to this use: respect of the recommended loads and speed as well as the terrain of use. We are insured for damages resulting from our responsibility. We ask that you check the integrity and proper functioning of your bike before each ride. Be sure to check the safety components such as the steering, transmission, brakes and lighting system.

Before going on the road, it is your responsibility to directly inform us of any malfunction.

Conditions applicable to the rental and loan of bicycles

Morning Cycles rents or lends bicycles from time to time.

When a bike is loaned or rented to you, you check with us that it is in good working order. You have the opportunity to test the bike before signing up for the rental or loan.

Morning Cycles undertakes to provide you with bicycles in good functioning condition, within the limits of the specific use for which they are designed.

In case of theft, whatever the circumstances, you are liable for 50% of the catalog value of the bicycle. In the event of damage, you will be responsible for the full cost of repairing the bike, whether it is your fault or that of a third party. You are required to report any damage that occurs during use.

Morning Cycles does not offer a breakdown service. In the event of damage occurring during the rental or loan period (e.g. puncture), you are required to return the bicycle by your own means to Morning Cycles.

Conditions applicable to the sale of other items

In addition to bikes, Morning Cycles also offers other items such as accessories, components, drinks, food, books, etc.

The legal guarantee of conformity applies to all these goods only in the context of normal use for the specified purpose. In some cases, the manufacturer offers an additional commercial warranty.

We are very concerned about the quality of the products we select for you. In most cases, we have spare parts available to repair your equipment. In the event of a defect covered by the warranty, we will decide whether to repair or replace the component or accessory.

Check your equipment before each trip. Let us know immediately of any defects you notice. We cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from the use of defective equipment.


At your request and in your name, Morning Cycles can take out insurance against theft, damage or breakdown of your bike with ENRA (conditions available here).

In this case, you are the policyholder and you pay the premium directly to the company within a few days of signing up. It may happen that Morning Cycles decides to offer you the first year of your ENRA coverage. Even in this case, the insurance contract is concluded in your name.  

The insurance company communicates exclusively by e-mail to the address you have provided to Morning Cycles. It is your responsibility to provide us with a correct e-mail address that you check regularly.

If one week after the delivery of the bike, you still have not received the insurance documents from the company, it is imperative to inform us. Beyond this delay, Morning Cycles cannot be held responsible for the lack of coverage of your bike and the prejudices which would result from it.

Our services

Consulting and training

Our teams are supervised by qualified engineers and cycle mechanics.

Our employees are always up to date with the latest technical developments in the sector.

Like any sport, cycling involves risks, we advise you on the choice of your bike and your accessories taking into account the information you provide us on your state of health and the practice envisaged. Ultimately, you must remain in control of your practice and that of minors or third parties for whom you are responsible. You are deemed capable of safely using the bicycles and equipment you purchase. Similarly, you are responsible for the safety of the children and minors that you carry on your bike.

During outings or events organized by Morning Cycles, each person remains responsible for his or her own conduct, safety and respect for that of others. Morning Cycles is not a sports club and does not take out specific insurance for participants.

Repairs and maintenance

When you entrust your bike to us, our mechanics assess the repairs that need to be done to ensure the proper functioning of your bike and your safety.

We are not able to provide an accurate estimate when you drop off your bike for repair or maintenance. Indeed, when we pick up your bike, the mechanic's careful examination of the components may reveal additional damage requiring our intervention.

By entrusting your bike to Morning Cycles, you accept firstly that the operation may involve up to 200 euros of costs including VAT. If this amount is not sufficient to cover our intervention, we will contact you to obtain your agreement. 

Morning Cycles cannot be held responsible for the initial condition of the bikes entrusted to it. An old bike or a bike of poor quality purchased at low cost or second hand can lead to significant repair or maintenance costs. 

For quality and safety purposes, our intervention cannot be limited to a single component or system of your bike because all the elements are interdependent. Morning Cycles never works on only one of the subsystems of the bike but considers the bike as a whole for reasons of quality and safety. By entrusting us with your bike, you fully accept our way of working and the cost that this may represent. We only provide estimates on request and in all other cases, we charge you strictly for the time our technicians spend on restoring your bike to its original state.

Morning Cycles reserves the right to refuse to intervene on a bike for which it cannot guarantee the final safety condition. 

The invoice lists item by item the elements that justify the amount claimed:

  • working hours
  • description of the tasks performed
  • parts and accessories
  • small components and screws
  • cleaning products

The responsibility and guarantees of Morning Cycles are limited to these interventions only. Any intervention or part which is not included in the invoice cannot be subjected to guarantee, or complaint from your part. You are obliged to check the correspondence of the operations carried out and invoiced at the time of delivery. We are of course at your service for an additional intervention on the points you wish to discuss.