Preparation for the trip

We can't promise you a trip without any glitches, but we can teach you how to face them with confidence. To start again with a smile!

Are you dreaming of a trip and need advice on how to prepare it? Book a special time with one of our mechanic advisors for a workshop focused on the specifics of your own bike.

🛠 You'll learn how to adjust derailleurs and brakes, change a broken chain or spoke, fix a tough flat tire and much more.

📦 We also give you the best tips topack your bike to take the train or plane.

🎒 This is also a good opportunity to choose the right equipment for your trip: luggage racks, panniers, canisters, etc. We will tell you what tools and spare parts you will need to take with you.

💪 Gain confidence in yourself and your bike. Be ready to face the unexpected with peace of mind.

A la carte formula to be agreed upon according to your needs!

Make an appointment with your store by phone or email( We look forward to sharing our passion for two-wheeled travel with you!

They have embarked on the adventure!

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